Global Collaboration AMONG STUDENTS
TO CREATE #appsthatmatter

Kids around the world speak the language of Mobile Apps. Why not connect these students to each other to share this language, create apps together, understand each other’s perspectives, and collaborate on global teams.

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What is MAD about mattering?

  • MAD about Mattering is a one-of-a-kind program that brings global collaboration beyond classroom, city, state, and country walls together with app development that is compassion-based and problem/solution focussed.
  • The project runs every year from January to May and was created by MAD-learn in collaboration with Global Collaboration expert Vicki Davis.
  • The project will be as follows:
    • Students from each classroom will map their “heartbeats” and discover ideas that they have in common to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems through technology
    • App Teams, project managers, and assistant project managers will be formed based on student interest, regardless of which class / school they are in
    • App Teams will collaborate virtually to build their app, website, app trailer, pitch deck, and other related materials throughout the semester
    • MAD-shark tanks will be held across each cohort to determine the top finalist app teams that will then compete in the Global MAD-shark tank to be held in May 2018.

What are we trying to accomplish?

  • We would like to connect students with the same passion to work together and create stronger solutions as a team of dedicated individuals
  • We would like to empower students with the ability to envision and create the technologies that they need to help make the world a better place.
  • We use compassion driven innovation & collaborative teamwork to develop apps that matter to the world
  • We facilitate collaborative global social entrepreneurial teams using leading computer science technology to create apps that tackle important problems which students may encounter
  • We would like to develop a network of supporters and investors to help fund & develop student apps and take them to market.

Why should students participate?

  • Students gain experience with identifying and working on solutions to complex real world problems (compassion-based engineering)
  • Students gain app development experience
  • Students experience working in a globally dispersed team
  • Students gain collaboration, problem solving, creativity and communication skills
  • Students experience pitching their product in a formal investor / shark pitch setting

Why should teachers participate?

  • Teachers become part of this revolutionary annual project that is run in collaboration with MAD-learn and Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher)
  • If teachers don’t teach your students about social entrepreneurship, who will?
  • Be the leading innovator at your school
  • Learn how to team teach with 4 other teachers in schools across the country and internationally
  • Become part of the strong group of teachers who are changing the conversation at their respective schools
  • Be featured on MAD-learn’s website and blog as part of the MAD about Mattering cohort

Why should schools participate?

  • Be among the first set of schools to enable their students to build apps beyond school walls
  • Lead the charge on teaching global collaboration and social appreneurship at your school
  • Global recognition in all marketing and press releases related to MAD about Mattering
  • MAD about Mattering is a opportunity which enables students to learn important technological and life skills in a spirit of international cooperation while having fun!

Timeline & Stages

Globle collaboration around app development task time, commitment, focus, but above all PASSION!


Teacher handshake



Student handshake



App creation & Completion



Virtual Shark - Tank



Wining Apps go LIVE!


Eligibility criteria

iconFor Students

  • Students must be between 13-18 years of age
  • Students must have prior experience with MAD-learn (can be done in the Fall Semester August-December 2017) building an app by themselves or with peers in their own classrooms
  • Students must have prior experience with (or be taught during the semester) how to write and blog in a public forum

iconFor Teachers

  • Teachers must be commit to attending 1-2 virtual teacher meetings per week to collaborate with fellow cohort teachers
  • Teachers must be aware that this is a full semester long project with their students
  • Teachers must do this with a group of students that they see at least 3 times per week during that semester

iconFor Schools

  • Schools must provide access to the following tools for teachers and students:
    • MAD-learn
    • Wikispaces
    • Trello
    • Twitter (optional)
  • Schools must allow for scheduling of a MAD-shark tank (virtual event) towards the beginning of May - these events, while globally broadcasted, can and should be attended in person by all students, teachers, parents, and staff of the school and displayed on any large screen at the school for all to see.

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MAD-learn (MAD stands for Mobile Application Development) is a curriculum program to enable students of all ages and in all types of classes to experience what it’s like to build their own mobile app. The goal of MAD-learn is to inspire student creativity and entrepreneurship by empowering them with a strong understanding of product development. Through the process, students can learn about the fundamentals of mobile app design and development while exploring new age, high demand careers like design, entrepreneurship, testing, programming, marketing, and more.

Every classroom matters

Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher), a full time teacher and IT director at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia has a mission to help teachers become better educators. Her passion is to help teachers reach every student and shine a light on best practices through her Cool Cat Teacher Blog and 10-minute Teacher Podcast; the podcast for busy teachers who remarkable learning experiences for their students.. She has created more than 20 global collaborative projects connecting students from more than 20 countries including the Flat Classroom Project (ISTE Online Learning Award 2006)

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