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Project Aims

Project Aims

  • To use compassion driven innovation & collaborative teamwork to develop an app that matters to the world
  • To facilitate collaborative social entrepreneurial teams using leading computer science technology to create apps that tackle important problems to the students
  • To develop a network of supporters and investors to help fund & develop student apps and take them to market.
  • To document & demonstrate the next generation of global collaboration harnessing the power of collaborative technology, social media, and emerging partnerships of organizations wanting to help students pursue their passions and become excellent collaborators in the world today.
  • To create a duplicable model of quad-engineering where four classrooms work together to solve important global problems and release that model as an open education resource (OER) for teachers around the world to use and adapt.
  • To ensure that students are not just consumers of technology, but also creators of it

Tomothy Morales

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